Tips and Suggestions

Got a tip? Suggestions?  

Well let me know about it!  I'm always looking for new Kickstarter projects, story ideas, and just plain interesting people to interview and write about.  So feel free to leave a comment here or drop me a line at mrjyee at google.  


  1. James,

    First - I'd invite you to look at my Kickstarter project I currently have up; its a graphic novel that I think has the potential to do really well.

    Second - I found you through your article on the keep. I also run a blog heavy on all things Kickstarter (I will be doing an article on the keep Wednesday) I would encourage you to take a look at the site:

    Third - I've started doing guest posts on a weekly basis if you're interested.

    Fourth - I would like to add your fine blog to my blog roll. I trust you won't mind.

    Feel free to contact me about any of the above at my email:

  2. Hey James!

    Check out this sweet project - Project Cornerstone

    Its got a few more days left and needs as much coverage as possible

  3. Hi Adam!

    I have a project on Kickstarter that you may be interested in. My team and I are creating a mobile game that inspires youth to care about the world around them. Super Squirrels, an Android and iOS game, follows four woodland creatures who venture out into the world and quickly learn it isn't as small as they once thought. They collect nuts, berries, and other items as they overcome challenging environments and evade enemies by working together.

    For more details, please see:

    I look forward to getting your feedback.

    Thank you,
    Vincent Lucero