Monday, November 11, 2013

November Update

Well Halloween is over and we’re into Turkey Month for all us Yanks.  As my wife isn’t American she’s only had six years of Thanksgivings in her life so I enjoy being able to shower her in Thanksgiving food and activities.  (Which is usually just lying about the house fighting a turkey induced coma.)   November is also home to the National Novel Writing Month which I have found myself caught up in.  I am already several thousand words behind but I hope to fix that with some coming time off and 12 hour day shifts.  That said it means Thursday is going to be a light month here at Kickstarter Conversations as most of my energy will be directed elsewhere.  
That said, I’m not completely dropping everything as I will still have a few reviews and interviews in the coming weeks.  Maybe even a video rant or two depending on birthday presents and such.  December will also be a slow month and that should be a warning for all you potential Kickstarter creators out there.  
Do not create December
No seriously, I don’t care if someone told you that Kickstarter backer levels make good gifts or what have you. They don’t.  Just don’t try and launch  this time of year!  Take your project, and either shelve it or work on it part time and enjoy your holidays!  Have fun with your family and charge your batteries because come January you’re going to need it to run your campaign! You don’t want to stress and drain of a campaign AND the holiday season at the same time, that’s just a recipe for disaster.  Seriously don’t do it!  In fact if you’re not about to pull the trigger and launch by the middle of November don’t do it!  Just wait until January because honestly who (besides me) is really paying attention to Kickstarter when they have other things on their minds?  
With that said I want you all to have a great November, and wish me luck trying to write up 50,000 words here in November.  I’ll need it!  

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