Monday, August 26, 2013

Caught My Eye 8/26/2013

Caught my son's eyes too!

Welcome back to another "Caught MY Eye" for the 26th of August 2013.   As always Kickstarter offers up a wealth of projects from across the spectrum and here are a few in descending order from ending soonest to last.

by Marc Tormo

I grew up playing CCG's like Magic the Gathering, Battletech CCG, Star Wars, Star Trek, and even that Simcity one.  Everyone and their mother seemed to be making a CCG for a while there. Now thanks to mobile devices CCG's are making a comeback and WWII: TCG seems to be cashing in on that idea by making a PC/Android/iOS multi-platform CCG game. It looks like a pretty slick system with a bit more complexity than I've seen in recent CCG's yet keeping a simple "3 action point" system.  So no "out buying" your opponent it seems.

by Leddie Team

I love Makers and the Maker culture because I think many of those future dreamers are going to be key to our future.  So when I see a Kickstarter supported by Make I had to take a look.  Then I see the project and I'm confused because I have no clue why anyone would want an LED light notification system for their smartphone/tablet.  That said I'm not a power user of such things (I don't even have a cell phone) so maybe this is a project for you young dreamers out there instead of us old fogies.

LEDDIE: LED light & visual notifications for iOS and Android -- Kicktraq Mini

by Matt White

I'm not big into "Metroidvania" games because well I honestly suck at platformers.  That said Ghost Song is a very atmospheric and interesting entry into the genre.  They look like they are honestly trying to make a deep and engaging story as well as improving on the Metroidvania setup.   They have already made their goal so keep your eyes out for this game in the future.

Ghost Song: A Journey of Hope -- Kicktraq Mini

by TrainFlight

Not all the projects that catch my eyes are big projects, in fact some of the smaller ones are the most interesting.  Cake! seems like such a project being a smaller color comic about a crazy cooking show.  This project seems to also be an underachiever but I'm not sure if it's because of their "ground game" or because of the subject matter.  Honestly though who doesn't like cooking shows?

Cake! Manga/Comic -- Kicktraq Mini

Electroluminescent Helmet Kit
by Paul Schnieder

I've got one word for you:  TRON.  No seriously LOOK AT IT!  For more on the EL Helmet Kit why not read about it in my full interview with Paul Schnieder here.

Electroluminescent Helmet Kit -- Kicktraq Mini

by Anabel Martinez  

Women Cosplayers get quite a bit of attention, yet there are still plenty of talented male cosplayers running around out there.  Anabel got the great idea of gathering twelve of them together and making a calendar out of them and using a Kickstarter to gauge the interest of the public.  Well the fact that they've already hit their goal with over a week to go shows there is plenty of interest!  Way to go and I look forward to seeing more in the future.

Men vs Cosplay: 2014 Gaming Calendar Project -- Kicktraq Mini

CHAOS HOUR - Website Development & Entertainment Platform
by Padraig Balch - Chaos Hour

As a small independent blogger myself when I see a project about Kickstarting a small independent game sight I had to take a look.  I have to say after finding the Kickstarter I've added CHAOS HOUR to my website list.  I always enjoy seeing other points of view especially on the "geek culture" that I'm a part of.  In fact I should probably try and interview Padraig Balch about getting some tips on being a successful independent site.

CHAOS HOUR - Website Development & Entertainment Platform -- Kicktraq Mini

Pi Pans: The Geekiest Way to Bake a Pie
by Pinojo

It's a PI PAN, how could this NOT catch my eye?  Look for a complete interview going up on Tuesday at 8 AM PST!

Pi Pans: The Geekiest Way to Bake a Pie -- Kicktraq Mini

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