Monday, September 2, 2013

The Underachievers for 9/2/2013

Happy Labor day one and all.  It's that time again, to celebrate and relax from the labor folks put in every year.  What better day to talk about the Kickstarters that are working hard yet haven't reached their goals yet, and those that might be hardly working.

As always these are in descending order from ending soonest to last.  Also I'm going to start a "rating" system just to try it out.  I have two ratings, one is on the product, and the second is on the campaign.  Basically you can have a great product and HORRIBLE Marketing as well as a great campaign with no product.  Let's see how it goes shall we?

Cake! Manga/Comic
by TrainFlight

This one made my "Caught MY Eye" list last week and I said so even then that it just wasn't doing well.  A week later with still like zero activity both by the creators and backers I have to chalk this one up just to a total lack of ground game.  No updates, no links to say "Ask Me Anything" nothing to draw up attention or prove the creators are even paying attention anymore.  Sad to see but maybe they'll try again when they have more to show and have drummed up attention elsewhere?

Product:  3/5      Campaign:  2/5

Cake! Manga/Comic -- Kicktraq Mini

Talking Lead YouTube/TV show
by Zeke and Lefthand

Now I like guns, I like hearing about guns, shooting guns, and talking about guns.  So you'd think a YouTube/TV show about guns would catch my eye, and it did, but I immediately saw it was an Underachiever.  Zero updates, six short paragraphs, and a decent video do not a good Kickstarter make.  I have to assume they talked to heir audience ahead of time and that's where they have their initial backers, but based on what I see here there's no need to back it.  They didn't sell me on the project nor do they seem to have much actual information to give.  I haven't talked to these guys and I shouldn't have to, they should give me as much information as they can up front.  It saddens me to see projects seemingly just tossed up onto Kickstarter to die.

Product: 4/5    Campaign: 1/5

Talking Lead YouTube/TV show -- Kicktraq Mini

Project Bliss
by Enlightened Games

This is one of those indie darling kind of games that if you saw it when it was done it'd probably be heralded as a must play "game" that's not a game.  I mean the development has that whole "I quit my job so I could work full time on my dream" kind of angle for it that makes headlines.  The problem I see is that it's so early in development no one can really "get" what it is yet.  Plus they are asking for $150,000 with no budget breakdown and no proof of past work and any reassurance that this will get made.  So it seemed like one of those cool ideas with decent campaign full of promise but no apparent chance at success.

Product: 3/5    Campaign:  3/5

Bliss -- Kicktraq Mini

Project Starborn
by Brint Paris

Once upon a time a game like Project Starborn would have taken off just on the concept alone.  Unfortunately that time has come and gone and world creation games have to try a lot harder, especially if they are made of blocks like Minecraft.  Zero updates, no budget breakdown, no examples of gameplay concepts, it is another "lets post it up and leave it alone" it seems.  Which is sad because I like creative games and I always wish them well.

Product:  3/5   Campaign:  2/5

Project Starborn -- Kicktraq Mini

Photo-mainFeeding AMERICA: Feeding the WORLD
by Robert Acosta

This is a good idea for a documentary, especially considering how many small farms dot America.  That said this is yet another "Will make {insert product here} for money" kind of listing.  No video, no background, no budget, no nothing.  It's like "give me money and I'll make this thing about a thing."  Really no effort what so ever and it shows in how poorly it's doing.

Product: 1/5   Campaign:  1/5

Feeding AMERICA: Feeding the WORLD -- Kicktraq Mini

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